Our Capacity

Our capacity is defined by your needs

We have the largest rental fleet in Sub-Saharan Africa and our high quality Parkhomes
and speed of response ensure that you get dependable supply. We also manufacture
mobile and site erected buildings for schools, clinics, mining, construction and
humanitarian sectors.


Our People

The more buildings you require or the sooner they are
needed, the more teams we will deploy.

Our success is made possible with a large team of employees including highly capable
engineers, draughtsmen, technicians and supervisors as well as a construction
projects department with a wide range of skilled team members to execute projects
throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Our design department is not only extremely
knowledgeable in all elements of modular construction, but also in the civil, structural,
electrical and architectural fields.


Our Branches

With six branches strategically located across South Africa,
as well as two in Mozambique and one in Zambia, we are able to reach your sites efficiently, whether locally or elsewhere in Africa.

We have significant capacity with our own panel manufacturing plant, where we carry
out stringent processes to ensure the highest quality fit for onsite and mobile units.


Our Products

Our range of products are available through all of our
branches and thus we are able to service vast regions,
including remote sites.

We have the capacity needed to help you with high volume orders for Parkhomes, site
constructed camps and large rental fleets. Our service to you also extends to the
other critical items that are required for building projects, including power generators,
water treatment plants, waste water plants, kitchen and laundry equipment, fitness
and recreation equipment, furniture, linen, trash compactors and incinerators.


Our Results

 Far greater than our words is the evidence of our
capacity to deliver on large scale projects ranging from
accommodation camps and entire schools in remote
regions of Sub-Saharan Africa to offices and amenities
for large corporates.

For more information on some of our key projects in recent years.